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Iron Box Packing

* 来源: Yi Cheng Hardware * 作者: 小关 * 发表时间: 2018/8/15 21:31:16 * 浏览: 9
    The so-called iron box, words too literally is made out of iron packaging box, also is made of tinplate box.Tinplate is actually on the surface of the iron on the tin, used to maintain the effect.Iron box according to different industries different varieties to divide, the comparison is: Moon Cake iron box, tea iron box, coffee iron box, biscuit iron box, health care products iron box, beauty iron box, hand-rolled iron box, saving iron box, sealed iron box, milk powder iron box, wine iron box, Christmas iron box, gift iron box, candle iron box, metal barrels, badge, music iron box, Cigarette iron box, stationery iron box, CD iron box and so on.
  Characteristics of the Iron box
 I.. non-transparent   

It is well known that light, in addition to causing the deterioration of food, will cause changes in protein and amino acids.However, the vitamin C in food products is easily illuminated by light to make it more effective with other food ingredients, resulting in a lot of loss of nutrients.According to the analysis of the show, bright glass bottles of milk, the boss of the loss of C more than a dark bottle of milk up to 14 times times, light will also make the milk attack oxidation odor, as well as radionuclide, methionine and other lysis and loss of nutrient value, the mouth of the iron can make the boss of the owner C retention rate is the highest.
Second, the outstanding sealing
The barrier of air and other volatile gases in the packaging container is important for the retention of nutrient components and sensory quality.From the comparison of various fruit juice packaging containers can be confirmed that the oxygen permeability of the container directly affects the browning of fruit juice and the retention of the owner C;The low oxygen transmittance of the metal iron box, glass and aluminum foil laminated, carton to the owner of the maintenance of C is better, in the meantime, the best iron cans. 
Three, the reduction effect of tin
Tin on the inner wall of tinplate and the oxygen remaining in the container during filling can attack the reduction effect, thus reducing the time of oxidation of the food ingredient.Tin reduction effect, on the light fruit, fruit juice flavor and color has a very good retention effect, so the use of non-coated iron and steel box of iron boxes than the other packaging of the fruit juice iron box on the nutrient retention is very good, brown change subtle, flavor quality of the bear is better, storage period thus extended. 
IV. assistance to the human body
Tinplate boxed Food, in addition to a few pale fruit and canned fruit juice, most of the use of internal coating of empty cans to improve the corrosion resistance of the container;However, due to the electrochemical effect of metal, non-coated canned canned food in the storage will have a few iron dissolution, with two iron shape in the sealed canned food, very simple absorbed by the body, the content of about 1 to ten ppm.In the case of fruit and vegetable products, the material itself contains not much iron, Huangjiang used car cooperation iron box products in each can ml of beverage iron box, iron content ppm accounting, can supply 1.75mg of iron per tank, about one-tenth of the body's daily intake of 18mg.If the above fruit and vegetable juice beverage can be rich in the fat of the Boss C, iron is more simple to be absorbed, so iron canned food beverage is an excellent source of iron, about the iron can food supply of nutrients more profound meaning.